Canadians can be proud of the organization we are building.


The human resources department focused much of its efforts in 2016 on implementing recommendations from a thorough workplace review by employment law experts Rubin Tomlinson. Other sources for recommendations included feedback received from employees.

There were many key outcomes, from which a new values system has emerged based on the foundation of ‘Leading With Integrity’ under the pillars of Accountability, Excellence, Fun, Respect and Bravery. As we look ahead, the focus will be to embed these values in everything we do, including recruitment and selection, performance management, decision-making and employee communications.

The focus will be to embed these values in everything we do.

New policies and procedures were implemented in 2016, which were approved by the board of directors. The focus of these initiatives was around conduct, including violence, discrimination, harassment, ethics, and confidentiality. The human resources department is proud to report all COC employees acknowledged and understood these new practices. All employees also participated in training around respect in the workplace, which is now a critical element of the COC’s on-boarding process.

The human resources department developed a total rewards framework to optimize its ability to bring in and keep great people within the COC family. The goal was to develop a clearly defined rewards philosophy and a market-based compensation structure in 2016.

This past year was also an opportunity to put plans and priorities in place for execution in 2017 and onward, so feedback was essential. To gain further key employee insights, the HR team executed an annual engagement check-in, a confidential survey, and focus groups which provided a year-over-year assessment of our employees’ engagement and feedback on initiatives that had been developed and implemented.

With this rich information the HR department was able to establish ‘People as a Competitive Advantage’ as one of the five pillars of its 2017-20 strategic plan. This plan will focus on total rewards, performance management, employee engagement, leadership development and management training and diversity and inclusion.

The HR team was strengthened with the introduction of an experienced senior HR professional as its leader, a full-time HR generalist in the Montreal office, and a dedicated HR assistant. The team also played a critical role in the supporting, planning and implementation of a significant restructure of the organization that resulted in the elimination of 14 positions across both locations. As of December 31, 2016, the COC employed 92 permanent staff.


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The IT team worked closely with the respective areas of the business in 2016 to ensure the planned technology improvements positively impact our effectiveness and efficiency across the organization and will continue to nurture this relationship as we plan for the next quad.

With an incredible collaborative effort between the technology team, other areas of our organization and external consultants, we took on some of the COC’s largest technology projects ever during this past year. Looking ahead, we now have a blueprint for the successful delivery of enterprise-class projects.

We took on some of the COC’s largest technology projects ever.

During the leadup to, during and post Rio 2016, collaboration was truly key. With this approach the IT team was able to introduce ‘Project Titan’, a new system used for the first time in a production environment during Games and has now moved into full ‘production’ working closely with the sport department. Overall, the IT team was very much a part of a successful Games for the COC by supporting and servicing operations in the Olympic Village, Main Press Centre, Performance Centre and at Canada Olympic House.

Security, of course, remains a priority and at the urging of the audit committee, we underwent a third-party security audit in 2016. We are happy to report no major vulnerabilities found and we have now engaged with a cybersecurity firm to provide ongoing security monitoring, reporting and defence against any potential future security threats. Improving our security posture will continue to be a focus and priority as we move forward into the next quadrennial.